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Welcome to the Edition Finest Erotica. You will find many erotic novels here as audio books, paperbacks, e-books and apps. For each erotic title you will find a hot video with a sample. Browse through the pages or use the menu above to get to specific novels or stories.
Enjoy the erotic moments of our exclusive authors Julia Liebesmund, Laura Ballett, Valerie Nilon, Eva Maria Lamia, Sandrine Jopaire, Isabel Lafije and many more. Erotic literature offers much more than brittle pornography. Your head decides the appearance of the protagonists.

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The Hotel Maid 1

Hotel rooms have a particularly erotic charisma on the young trainee Laura. She enjoys being a sex object for the guests and knows how to keep her legs the center of attention with short skirts and elegant pantyhose. In this book she lets the readers participate in her most intimate experiences. She experiences many erotic situations because she has no fear of contact with the dreams of the male or female guests.

The lightness of this passing erotic novel by Valerie Nilon, written in first-person narrative style, is matchless. The reader is imparted all the protagonist's thoughts, feelings, and most intimate experiences peer-to-peer and from the closest point of view.

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Art meets Literature

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My Husband's Assistant

Klara has been living happily but childless with her husband Roy for seven years. Her somewhat uneventful life is abruptly revived when he brings his young and very attractive assistant home to continue working with her after work. Klara is suspicious of the vigour that young Sabine shows. In particular, she notices that she dresses sexy every time she works overtime with her husband. Klara can‘t let go of the thought that she wants to seduce him. She begins observing the two and takes pleasure in seeing if her husband can resist the young woman‘s charms. The change from jealousy to passion makes this novel an exciting love adventure.

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The Cabaret Girl

The young dancer, Julie, emigrate to Barcelona to apply to be a dancer in an erotic cabaret theatre. The lack of money forces her to move into a single room with a horny landlord. She takes advantage of his horniness to get everything she wants from him. In return, she lets him participate in her most intimate moments. He can watch her naked, she leaves the bathrooms open and he can touch her. But he always wants more, and Julie agrees... A highly erotic novel by Valerie Nilon. Told in first person and present tense.

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The Ballet Girl

The young ballet dancer, Solo, is a member of a small show dance group that is trained and managed by her father. The girls dream is to be able to turn their passion for dancing into a profession at some point. For this they are ready to incorporate more and more eroticism into the performances. But unfortunately they can't really live this out in the gyms at village festivals. They are planning more daring choreographies and even more transparent nylon outfits in order to get closer to their success goal.

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